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Savage Gardens (the farm) started in 2012 when we found a 46 acre farm on the Kingston Peninsula (New Brunswick). Initially the Savage brothers (Philip and Nathan) and sister Adrienne started growing and selling quality vegetables and a few flowers using natural practices, without pesticides or chemical fertilizers. But as the years went on the flowers gained more ground. Literally!


But our connection to flowers goes back further. We grew up on a dried flower farm called Strawflower Ridge, started by our mom and dad in 1990 on Darlings Island, NB. We used to play and run the rows of flowers, helping carry them to the drying shed and bunch them in the summer evenings.

Strawflower Ridge 1992_edited.jpg

Our parents joined us, passing on their skills and knowledge, the two generations combined their creative talents to develop gardens of flowers for creative bouquets, and  buckets of flowers.

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